Requiem for a Dream
Director's Cut
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 2000
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Rating: Unrated(Film)
UPC [Locale]: 012236-115670
Running time: 1:41 (101 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: May 22, 2001
Collection type: Owned (#1166)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 15, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 10 / 10
Review (video): 9 / 10
Darren Aronofsky follows up his acclaimed debut "pi" with this gritty emotionally charged film set amidst the abandoned beaches and faded glory of Coney Island, Brooklyn. Based upon the novel by celebrated author Hubert Selby Jr., the story intricately links the lives of a lonely widowed mother (Academy Award® Winner Ellen Burstyn*), her son Harry (Jared Leto), his beautiful girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connelly) and his best friend Tyrone (Marlon Wayans). REQUIEM FOR A DREAM is a hypnotic tale of four human beings each pursuing their vision of happiness. Even as everything begins to fall apart, they refuse to let go, plummeting with their dreams into a nightmarish, gut-wrenching freefall.

*1975 Best Actress, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
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Requiem for a Dream
Requiem for a Dream
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English  Dolby Digital 5.1
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Easter Eggs
EGG 1:

Boot up the DVD in your player and wait until the main menu of the disc comes up. Then press the 'Down' arrow key on your remote control until the line 'Hear Tappy's Amazing Life Story' appears at the bottom of the screen.
Now, press 'Enter' on the remote control and you will get to see the full footage from the movie’s television program 'Tappy Tibbons' that Sara Goldfarb watches on her drug of choice. It is an exciting 5-minute features that includes parts of the film where Tappy talks about his amazing life story.

EGG 2:

Go to the Chapter Selection section. Go to the video cassette spine labeled "Chapters 21-24 (#3 Shhh!)." Press up twice, then press enter. You can now see a hidden bit from Tappy Tibbons' infomercial where he explains what his secret #3 is (if you notice, it's never said in the film).
This egg was obtained by calling the Tappy Tibbons phone number, 1-900-976-JUICE. So don't call and get charged money to find out the above.
Darren Aronofsky....Director
Hubert Selby Jr.....Original Material By
Hubert Selby Jr.....Screenwriter
Darren Aronofsky....Screenwriter
Nick Wechsler....Executive Producer
Beau Flynn....Executive Producer
Stefan Simchowitz....Executive Producer
Eric Watson....Producer
Palmer West....Producer
Matthew Libatique....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Jay Rabinowitz....Film Editor
Clint Mansell....Composer
Brian Emrich....Sound Designer
Ken Ishii....Production Sound Mixer
Nelson Ferreira....Supervising Sound Editor
Tom Johnson....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Tony Sereno....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Laura Jean Shannon....Costume Designer
James Chinlund....Production Designer
Jeremy Dawson....Visual Effects
Dan Schrecker....Visual Effects
Judy Rhee....Art Director
Judy Chin....Make-up Artist
Donna Maloney....Costume Designer
Pamela Kezal....Costume Designer
Vincent J. Guastini....Make-up Effects
Louie Zakarian....Make-up Effects
Drew Jiritano....Visual Effects
Ellen Burstyn....Sara Goldfarb
Jared Leto....Harry Goldfarb
Jennifer Connelly....Marion Silver
Marlon Wayans....Tyrone C. Love
Christopher McDonald....Tappy Tibbons
Louise Lasser....Ada
Marcia Jean Kurtz....Rae
Janet Sarno....Mrs. Pearlman
Suzanne Shepherd....Mrs. Scarlini
Joanne Gordon....Mrs. Ovadia
Charlotte Aronofsky....Mrs. Miles
Mark Margolis....Mr. Rabinowitz
Mike Kaycheck....Donut Cop
Jack O'Connell....Corn Dog Stand Boss
Chas Mastin....Lyle Russel
Ajay Naidu....Mailman
Sean Gullette....Arnold the Shrink
Samia Shoaib....Nurse Mall
Peter Maloney....Dr. Pill
Abraham Abraham....King Neptune
Aliya Campbell....Alice
Te'ron A. O'Neal....Young Tyrone
Denise Dowse....Tyrone's Mother
Bryan Chattoo....Brody
Eddie De Harp....Brody's Henchman Victor
Scott Franklin....Voice of Jailor (voice)
Peter Howard....Sal the Geep
Brian Costello....First AD
Abraham Aronofsky....Newspaper Man on Train
James Chinlund....Space Oddity
Olga Merediz....Malin & Block Secretary
Allison Furman....Malin & Block Office Woman
Robert Dylan Cohen....Paramedic Greenhill
Ben Shenkman....Dr. Spencer
Keith David....Big Tim
Dylan Baker....Southern Doctor
Shaun O'Hagen....Ward Attendant Seto
Leland Gantt....Ward Attendant Penn
Bill Buell....Court Doctor
Jimmie Ray Weeks....Prison Guard
Greg Bello....E.R. Doctor
Henry Stram....ECT Technician
Big Tim Party Girls
Heather Litteer
Jenny Decker
Ami Goodheart
Nina Zavarin
Stanley B. Herman....Uncle Hank
Party Animals
Scott Bader
Jim Centofanti
Scott Chait
Daniel Clarin
Ben Cohen
Eric Cohen
Brett Feinstein
Ricky Fier
John Getz
Andrew Kessler
Ross Lombardo
Carter Mansbach
Scott Miller
Todd Miller
Joshua Pollack
Craig Rallo
Geordan Reisner
Keith Scandore
David Seltzer
Chris Varvaro
Ricardo Viñas
Chad Weiner
Jesse Weissberger
Greg Weissman
Hubert Selby Jr.....Laughing Guard
Liana Pai....Angelic Nurse