Collector's Edition
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 1987
Director: Mel Brooks
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 027616-923417
Running time: 1:36 (96 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case, Slip Cover
Format: NTSC, 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: May 03, 2005
Collection type: Owned (#394)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 04, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 10 / 10
Review (video): 9 / 10
The farce is with you in this "uproarious salute to science fiction" (The Hollywood Reporter) that teams comedy legend Mel Brooks with an all-star cast of cutups including John Candy (Splash), Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters) and Bill Pullman (Ruthless People)!

When the evil Dark Helmet (Moranis) attempts to steal all the air from planet Druidia, a determined Druish Princess (Daphne Zuniga), a clueless rogue (Pullman) and a half-man/half-dog creature who's his own best friend (Candy) set out to stop him! But with the forces of darkness closing in on them at ludicrous speed, they'll need the help of a wise imp named Yogurt (Brooks) and the mystical power of "The Schwartz" to bring peace – and merchandising rights – to the entire galaxy!
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Production Studios:
 • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
 • Brooksfilms
Media Companies:
 • MGM Home Entertainment
Audio format
English  DTS 5.1
English  Dolby Digital 5.1
French  Dolby Digital Surround
Spanish  Dolby Digital Mono
Commentary  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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Easter Eggs
Insert the first disc of the DVD set in your player and when the Main Menu comes up, simply wait, doing nothing. After a while the menu will change repeatedly, as if viewed through an old ViewMaster viewer.

On Disc 1, Enter the languages menu , there will be options for a mono audio track in both the "Mawgese" and the "Dinkese" languages. Selecting either one will take you to a brief clip of the film in those languages.

Insert the second disc of the set. Depending on which vehicle you chose on the Main Menu, the theme of the menu will change, also giving you access to different Easter Eggs. First select the Winnebago, and you’ll notice a small TV screen at the top center of the console with 3 square green flashing lights on either side of it. Now highlight the 'Featurettes' menu entry and then press the 'Up' arrow key on your remote control. The far left green light of the three to the left of the TV screen will light up blue. Press the 'Enter' key now and a periscope drops and shows the radar being jammed.

After that press the 'Right' arrow key and the first square light on the right side of the TV screen will turn blue. Press 'Enter' now to see the Zero Gravity Toilet malfunction.

Now, press the 'Right' arrow key again. The middle light on the right side of the TV screen turns blue. Press 'Enter' to see a small satellite smashing against the windshield like a bug.

Return to the Main Menu. There, select Princess Vespa's space ship. Select the 'Storyboard-to-Film Comparison' and then press the 'Right' arrow key on your remote control. The red button below the video screen in the center will turn blue, giving you access to the Emergency Makeup Kit.

Return to the Main Menu once again and select the 'Spaceball 1' ship. With 'Storyboard-to-Film Comparison' highlighted, press the 'Down' arrow key. The big red button at the bottom turns orange. Press the 'Enter' key now to jump to Ludicrous speed!

Now, with the big button still selected, press the 'Left' arrow key on your remote control and the farthest right one of the four square buttons below the video screen turns yellow. Press 'Enter' now to see the radar getting jammed.

Finally, press the 'Left' arrow key again and the farthest left button of the four square buttons below the video screen turns yellow. Now press 'Enter' for a cup of coffee.
Mel Brooks....Director
Mel Brooks....Writer
Thomas Meehan....Writer
Ronny Graham....Writer
Mel Brooks....Producer
Nick McLean....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Conrad Buff IV....Film Editor
John Morris....Composer
Jeff Pescetto....Song Writer
Clyde Lieberman....Song Writer
Mel Brooks....Song Writer
Jeff Wexler....Production Sound Mixer
Don Coufal....Production Sound Mixer
Jim Steube....Production Sound Mixer
Randy Thom....Sound Designer
Gary Rydstrom....Sound Designer
Randy Thom....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Summers....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Richard Beggs....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Terence Marsh....Production Designer
Donfeld....Costume Designer
Peter Donen....Visual Effects
Harold Michelson....Art Director
Ben Nye, Jr.....Make-up Artist
Ken Diaz....Make-up Artist
Melanie Elaine Levitt....Make-up Artist
Peter Albiez....Visual Effects
Richard Ratliff....Visual Effects
Mel Brooks....President Skroob/Yogurt
John Candy....Barf
Rick Moranis....Dark Helmet
Bill Pullman....Lone Starr
Daphne Zuniga....Princess Vespa
Dick Van Patten....King Roland
George Wyner....Colonel Sandurz
Michael Winslow....Radar Technician
Joan Rivers....The Voice of Dot Matrix (voice)
Lorene Yarnell....Dot Matrix
John Hurt....John Hurt
Sal Viscuso....Radio Operator
Ronny Graham....Minister
JM J. Bullock....Prince Valium
Leslie Bevis....Commanderette Zircon
Jim Jackman....Major Asshole
Michael Pniewski....Laser Gunner
Sandy Helberg....Dr. Schlotkin
Stephen Tobolowsky....Captain of the Guard
Jeff MacGregor....Snotty
Henry Kaiser....Magnetic Beam Operator
Denise Gallup....Charlene
Dian Gallup....Marlene
Gail Barle
Dey Young
Rhonda Shear....Woman in Diner
Robert Prescott....Sand Cruiser Driver
Jack Riley....TV Newsman
Tom Dreesen....Megamaind Guard
Rudy DeLuca....Vinnie
Prison Guards
Tony Griffin
Rick Ducommun
Ken Olfson....Head Usher
Bryan O'Byrne....Organist
Wayne Wilson....Trucker in Cap
Ira Miller....Short Order Cook
Earl Finn....Guard with Captain
Mitchell Bock....Video Operator
Tommy Swerdlow....Troop Leader
Timm Russ....Trooper
The Dinks
Ed Gale
Antonio Hoyos
Felix Silla
Arturo Gil
Tony Cox
John Kennedy Hayden
Deanna Booher....Bearded Lady
Johnny Silver....Caddy
Brenda Strong....Nurse
Dom DeLuise....The Voice of Pizza The Hutt (voice)