Special Edition
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 1999
Director: Kevin Smith
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 043396-056145
Running time: 2:08 (128 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case, Slip Cover
Format: NTSC, 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: June 26, 2001
Collection type: Owned (#514)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 05, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 6 / 10
Review (video): 10 / 10
One of the most talked-about movies of the year is also one of the funniest! In this hilarious comic fantasy from writer/director KEVIN SMITH (Clerks, Chasing Amy), two banished angels (BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON) find a loophole that would get them back into Heaven. The only snag? They'll be destroying existence in the process. In an effort to stop them, the overworked Voice of God (ALAN RICKMAN) taps cynical mortal Bethany (LINDA FIORENTINO) to save the world by preventing the angels from reaching their unholy destination: New Jersey! Throw in two unlikely prophets named Jay and Silent Bob (JASON MEWES and KEVIN SMITH), the quick-witted yet little-known thirteenth apostle (CHRIS ROCK) and a sexy, former muse with a case of writer's block (SALMA HAYEK) and you've got an hysterical and thrilling race against time packed with an all-star cast that Entertainment Weekly called "one of the ten best movies of 1999!"
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Production Studios:
 • View Askew
 • STK
Media Companies:
 • Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital Surround
English  Dolby Digital 5.1
French  Dolby Digital Surround
Spanish  Dolby Digital Surround
Commentary  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
Commentary  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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Easter Eggs
On both disks there are easter eggs. Right when the main menu appears (on both disks) the easter egg is in the corner near the View Askew logo (a clown). On the Movie disk an option will be "Play Movie". Press Left and another caption will pop up next to it reading "Don't Play Movie", press that and it will lead you to a screen which will hold some advice (there are five different "advices" on this easter egg, so after one is over and it returns to the main menu, repeat pressing it if you wish to see the other blurbs).

On the second disc there is a Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash spot featuring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (once again near the View Askew clown logo).

And on both disks, it works on any feature (I believe) the shit demon appears laughing and then faints, but if you press that or another feature again right after that, it opens back up the the shit demon screen and the demon says an well-known phrase from all Kevin Smith films.

For disk 1 go to the last page of the Scene Selections menu and enter 3 on your remote. You will no longer be able to select any of the menu items. Then press 3 again, hey-presto How Jay thinks Kevin directs.

For disc 2 pretty much the same. Go to the last page of the deleted scenes menu and press 2 then 4. How Kevin thinks he directs.

On the 1st disk, let the main menu run for about 30 seconds and the menu will "stop" and the "Church Lady" at the bottom right corner will say something.

On the main menu of the first disc, enter '37' into your remote.
Kevin Smith....Director
Kevin Smith....Writer
Scott Mosier....Producer
Jonathan Gordon....Executive Producer
Robert Yeoman....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Kev....Film Editor
Scott....Film Editor
Howard Shore....Composer
Alanis Morissette....Song Writer
Whit Norris....Production Sound Mixer
Skywalker Sound
Tom Myers....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary A. Rizzo....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Tom Myers....Sound Designer
Phil Benson....Supervising Sound Editor
Ethan Van der Ryn....Supervising Sound Editor
Robert "Ratface" Holtzman....Production Designer
Abigail Murray....Costume Designer
Richard "Dickie" Payne....Visual Effects
Elise G. Viola....Art Director
Diane Collins....Costume Designer
Bellisimo, Belardinelli Effects
Charlie Belardinelli....Visual Effects
Tom Bellissimo....Visual Effects
VIncent Guastini Production
Vincent J. Guastini....Make-up Effects
Vincent J. Guastini....Creature Design
Station X Studios
Richard Payne....Visual Effects
Jeannee Josefczyk....Make-up Artist
Anita Gibson....Make-up Artist
Rachel Kick....Make-up Artist
Bud Cort....John Doe Jersey
Stygian Triplets
Barrett Hackney
Jared Pfennigwerth
Kitao Sakurai
George Carlin....Cardinal Glick
Brian Christopher O'Halloran....Reporter
Betty Aberlin....Nun
Matt Damon....Loki
Ben Affleck....Bartleby
Dan Etheridge....Priest @ St. Stephen's
Linda Fiorentino....Bethany
Kissing Couple
Derek Milosavljevic
Lesley Braden
MarieElena O'Brien....Clinic Girl
Janeane Garofalo....Liz
Bryan Johnson....Protestor #1
Walter Flanagan....Protestor #2
Jason Lee....Azrael
Nancy Bach....Mrs. Reynolds
Alan Rickman....Metatron
Armando Rodriguez....Waiter
Jason Mewes....Jay
Kevin Smith....Silent Bob
Jeff Anderson....Gun Salesman
Scott Mosier....Smooching Seaman
Monica Hampton....Seaman Smoocher
Chris Rock....Rufus
Salma Hayek....Serendipity
Dwight Ewell....Kane
Benjamin Cain....Gangster #1
Richard Baderinwa....Gangster #2
Javon Johnson....Gangster #3
Derrick Sanders....Gangster #4
Mark Joy....Whitland
Linda Levine....Woman in Boardroom
Ethan Suplee....Voice of Noman (voice)
Guinevere Turner....Bus Station Attendant
Jon Gordon....Blanket Boy on Train
Matthew Maher....Bartender
Nancy Mosser Bailey....Governor Dalton
Robert "Ratface" Holtzman....Officer McGee
Alanis Morissette....God
Greg Romoundos
John Cherevka
Kevin P. Smith
Vincent J. Guastini
Louie Zakarian
Joe Macchia
Thomas L. Denier Jr.
Craig A. Hicks
Dave "Yoko" Jose