Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Country of Origin: Australia
Production year: 1985
Directors: George Miller, George Ogilvie
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 085391-151920
Running time: 1:47 (107 Min.)
Casetype: Snapper
Format: NTSC, 2.40:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, Pan & Scan
DVD-Format: Double-Sided, Single-Layered
Released: July 29, 1997
Collection type: Owned (#905)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 11, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 9 / 10
Review (video): 6 / 10
Two men enter. One man leaves. That's the law in Bartertown's Thunderdome arena. But lawmaker Aunty Entity will soon add another: Don't get Max mad!

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome stars Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon, Maverick) for his third go-round as the title hero who takes on the barbarians of the post-nuclear future — and this time becomes the savior of a tribe of lost children. Music superstar Tina Turner steals what's left of the screen as Aunty Entity, a power-mad dominatrix determined to use Max to tighten her stranglehold on Bartertown.

Directors George Miller and George Ogilvie deliver another rousing final apocalypse-on-wheels and one of the best movie fight scenes ever, as Max and the gladiatorial Blaster face off with maces, chainsaws and anything not nailed down inside Thunderdome. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: watch and you'll agree with the soundtrack song that "We Don't Need Another Hero."
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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
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Production Studios:
 • Warner Bros. Pictures
 • Kennedy Miller Productions
Media Companies:
 • Warner Home Video
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital 5.1
French  Dolby Digital Surround
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1Main Feature (Pan & Scan), Main Feature (Widescreen)
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George Miller....Director
George Ogilvie....Director
Terry Hayes....Writer
George Miller....Writer
George Miller....Producer
Dean Semler....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Richard Francis-Bruce....Film Editor
Maurice Jarre....Composer
"We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)"
Terry Britten....Song Writer
Graham Lyle....Song Writer
"One of the Living"
Holly Knight....Song Writer
Roger Savage....Sound
Bruce Lamshed....Sound Designer
Lloyd Carrick....Sound
Roger Savage....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Bruce Lamshed....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Graham 'Grace' Walker....Production Designer
Norma Moriceau....Costume Designer
Anni Browning....Art Director
Elizabeth Ann Fardon....Make-up Artist
Jenni Bolton....Costume Designer
Rosalina Silva....Make-up Artist
Helen Evans....Make-up Artist
Mike Wood....Visual Effects
Mel Gibson....Mad Max
The Flying Jalopy
Bruce Spence....Jedediah
Adam Cockburn....Jedediah Jnr.
The People of Bartertown
Tina Turner....Aunty Entity
Frank Thring....The Collector
Angelo Rossitto....The Master
Paul Larsson....The Blaster
Angry Anderson....Ironbar
Robert Grubb....Pigkiller
George Spartels....Blackfinger
Edwin Hodgeman....Dr. Dealgood
Bob Hornery....Waterseller
Andrew Oh....Ton Ton Tattoo
Aunty's Guards
Ollie Hall
Lee Rice
Max Worrall
Susan Leonard
Robert Simper
Virginia Wark
Ray Turnbull
Brian Ellison
Gerard Armstrong
The Tribe Who Left
Helen Buday....Savannah Nix
Mark Spain....Mr. Skyfish
Mark Kounnas....Gekko
Rod Zuanic....Scrooloose
Justine Clarke....Anna Goanna
Shane Tickner....Eddie
Toni Allaylis....Cusha...the pregnant girl
James Wingrove....Tubba Tintye
Adam Scougall....Finn McCoo
The Tribe Who Stayed
Tom Jennings....Slake
The Tribe Who Stayed The Hunters
Gerry D'Angelo
Travis Latter
Miguel Lopez
Paul Daniel
The Tribe Who Stayed The Guardians
Tushka Hose
Emily Stocker
Sandie Lillingston
Adam Willits....Mr. Scratch
The Gatherers
Ben Chesterman
Liam Nikkinen
Dan Chesterman
Christopher Norton
Katharine Cullen
Heilan Robertson
Gabriel Dilworth
Hugh Sands
Rebekah Elmaloglou
Marion Sands
Shari Flood
Kate Tatar
Rachael Graham
Pega Williams
Emma Howard
Tarah Williams
Joanna McCarroll
Daniel Willits
Toby Messiter
Tonya Wright
The Little Ones
Charlie Kenney
Amanda Nikkinen
Flynn Kenney
Luke Panic
William Manning
James Robertson
Adam McCreadie
Sally Morton
Margaret Dupre....Barter Town Girl (uncredited)