Thir13en Ghosts
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 2001
Director: Steve Beck
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 085392-208326
Running time: 1:31 (91 Min.)
Casetype: Snapper
Format: NTSC, 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: April 02, 2002
Collection type: Owned (#1377)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 15, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 8 / 10
Review (video): 8 / 10
What a house! It's all steel and glass and elegance – and it all belongs to Arthur Kriticos and his family as an unexpected inheritance. You could say it's their dream home. Especially if the dreams are nightmares.

Awesome ectoplasmic specters populate THIRTEEN GHOSTS, an effects-rampant remake of the 1960 William Castle haunted-house film from producers Gilbert Adler, Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis, who conjured up the equally terrorific HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1999). Tony Shalhoub as Arthur leads a cast that includes Embeth Davidtz, Matthew Lillard, Shannon Elizabeth, Rah Digga and F. Murray Abraham. The house itself is a design marvel and a mysterious puzzle-cube whose eerie corridors, sliding walls, spinning floors and phantasmic fiends may allow no escape.
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Thir13en Ghosts
Thir13en Ghosts
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 • Warner Bros. Pictures
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 • Dark Castle Entertainment
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 • Warner Home Video
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English  Dolby Digital 5.1
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Easter Eggs
Scenes from House on Haunted Hill
First, go to the "special features" menu. When it comes up, Go to "Ghost profiles". After Cyrus is done talking to you, select the object that is a jaw bone. Cyrus will start telling you about the Jackal, and in it you will see several scenes from House on Haunted Hill! One is a light swinging that is covered in cobwebs and another one I found is from the very beginning of House on Haunted Hill. It is when it shows the male secretary carrying in 3 pencils and moving them in his hand. It is mirrored, and in black and white, but it's still the scene. It shows up when they talk about the Jackal finally going completely insane and the insane asylum pulling his straight jacket tighter when he acted up. These scenes were put in there because Thirteen Ghosts comes from the same producers of House on Haunted Hill, and since the story on the Jackal and House on Haunted Hill are set in the same place, they thought it would be interesting to put in the scenes.
Steve Beck....Director
Robb White....Story By
Neal Marshall Stevens....Screenwriter
Richard D'Ovidio....Screenwriter
Dan Cracchiolo....Executive Producer
Steve Richards....Executive Producer
Gilbert Adler....Producer
Joel Silver....Producer
Robert Zemeckis....Producer
Gale Tattersall....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Derek G. Brechin....Film Editor
Edward A. Warschilka....Film Editor
John Frizzell....Composer
Patrick Ramsay....Production Sound Mixer
Dane A. Davis....Sound Designer
Dane A. Davis....Supervising Sound Editor
Julia Evershade....Supervising Sound Editor
John Reitz....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gregg Rudloff....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Dave Campbell....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Howard Berger....Make-up Effects
Gregory Nicotero....Make-up Effects
Robert Kurtzman....Make-up Effects
Dan Glass....Visual Effects
Sean Hargreaves....Production Designer
Jenni Gullett....Costume Designer
Tim Beach....Art Director
Don Macauley....Art Director
Victoria Down....Make-up Artist
Lyn De Fehr....Make-up Artist
Bev Wright....Make-up Artist
Norman Cabrera....Make-up Effects
Don Lanning....Make-up Effects
Charlie Belardinelli....Visual Effects
Terry Sonderhoff....Visual Effects
Mick Duff....Visual Effects
James Fisher....Visual Effects
Dillon Armitage....Visual Effects
Visual Effects and Animation by Cinesite
Michael Fink....Visual Effects
Tony Shalhoub....Arthur
Embeth Davidtz....Kalina
Matthew Lillard....Rafkin
Shannon Elizabeth....Kathy
Alec Roberts....Bobby
JR Bourne....Ben Moss
Rah Digga....Maggie
F. Murray Abraham....Cyrus
Matthew Harrison....Damon
Jacob Rupp....Cyrus Assistant
Team Members
Mike Crestejo
Aubrey Lee Culp
Charles Andre
Mikhael Speidel....The First Born Son
Daniel Wesley....The Torso
Laura Mennell....The Bound Woman
Kathryn Anderson....Jean
Craig Olejnik....The Torn Prince
Shawna Loyer....The Angry Princess
Xantha Radley....The Pilgrimess
C. Ernst Harth....The Great Child
Laurie Soper....The Dire Mother
Herbert Duncanson....The Hammer
Shayne Wyler....The Jackal
John de Santis....The Juggernaut