Eight Legged Freaks
Country of Origin: United States, Australia
Production year: 2002
Director: Ellory Elkayem
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 085392-330928
Running time: 1:39 (99 Min.)
Casetype: Snapper
Format: NTSC, 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: October 29, 2002
Collection type: Owned (#549)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 05, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 9 / 10
Review (video): 8 / 10
What do you get when you cross toxic waste with a bunch of exotic spiders? Eaten!

The townies of Prosperity, Arizona, will all become a screaming smorgasbord if mutated arachnids as big as SUVs have their way in this comedy/horror crowd-pleaser whose creators include the producers of "Independence Day" and "Godzilla." Spiders that leap like gazelles, web-spitting spiders, spiders that suck your insides out as if through a straw – they're among the behemoths conjured up by an inventive effects team. David Arquette heads the two-legged stars, mobilizing the citizenry in a last-ditch fight to survive. Here's hoping they succeed. Otherwise Prosperity – maybe the world – may be reduced to one giant, uh, website!
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Eight Legged Freaks
Eight Legged Freaks
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Production Studios:
 • Warner Bros. Pictures
 • Village Roadshow Pictures
 • NPV Entertainment
Media Companies:
 • Warner Home Video
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital 5.1
French  Dolby Digital 5.1
Commentary  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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Easter Eggs
Spider Eggs Species #1:
From the Main Menu, select the 'Language' option. Go to the bottom of the page and highlight the 'See Features' option. Don't do anything. Wait for the spider. When it shows itself, press UP twice to reveal yet another species of spider!

Spider Eggs Species #2:
From the Main Menu select the 'Features' option. Now select the 'Creepy Crawling Giant' option. Press the arrow to skip to the NEXT page. Near David Arquette, highlight the 'Watch the Movie' option. Watch the spider crawl down and press UP twice and get another species of spider.

Spider Eggs Species #3:
From the Main Menu select the 'Features' option. Now, highlight the 'Language' option and wait for the spider to descend. When it does, wait until it stops, then press UP twice and another target should appear over the spider. Press ENTER and get another arachnid species.

Spider Eggs Species #4:
From the Main Menu select the 'Scene Selections' option. Now select 9-12. While the music plays various spiders will be highlighted. When one does, press UP on your remote and more targets should appear over the spiders. Select any of them to gain access to other species of arachnid.

Spider Eggs Species #5:
From the Main Menu highlight 'Language' . A spider should show itself. Press UP and a target will appear over the spider. Press ENTER to reveal a variety of species of arachid and their many capabilities.
Ellory Elkayem....Director
Ellory Elkayem....Story By
Randy Kornfield....Story By
Jesse Alexander....Screenwriter
Ellory Elkayem....Screenwriter
Roland Emmerich....Executive Producer
Peter Winther....Executive Producer
William Fay....Executive Producer
Dean Devlin....Producer
Bruce Berman....Producer
John Bartley....Director of Photography
Film Editing
David J. Siegel....Film Editor
John Ottman....Composer
Peter Geoco....Production Sound Mixer
Scott Wolf....Supervising Sound Editor
Scott Wolf....Sound Designer
Matthew Iadarola....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Gegan....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Jim Fitzpatrick....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Alix Friedberg....Costume Designer
Karen E. Goulekas....Visual Effects
Thomas Dadras....Visual Effects
Charles Breen....Production Designer
Chas. Butcher....Art Director
Deborah Hall....Costume Designer
Rick Sharp....Make-up Artist
Yves De Bono....Visual Effects
Kim Collea....Make-up Artist
Russell Tyrrell....Visual Effects
Thomas Kittle....Visual Effects
Ron Colucci....Visual Effects
Phil Fravel....Visual Effects
Kenny Gorrell....Visual Effects
Robert "Lucky" Rieker....Visual Effects
Mark Williams....Visual Effects
Miniatures by MagicMove
Joachim Grueninger....Visual Effects
David Arquette....Chris
Kari Wuhrer....Sam
Scott Terra....Mike
Scarlett Johansson....Ashley
Doug E. Doug....Harlan
Rick Overton....Deputy Pete
Leon Rippy....Wade
Matt Czuchry....Bret
Jay Arlen Jones....Leon
Eileen Ryan....Gladys
Riley Smith....Randy
Matt Holwick....Larry
Jane Edith Wilson....Emma
Jack Moore....Amos, the Truck Driver
Roy Gaintner....Floyd
Don Champlin....Leroy
John Christopher Storey....Mark
David "Earl" Waterman....Norman
Randi Klein
Terey Summers
John Ennis
Ryan C. Benson
Frank Welker....Special Vocal Effects (voice)
Tom Noonan....Joshua Taft (uncredited)