Looney Tunes: Golden Collection 2
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 1936
Directors: Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 085393-128425
Running time: 7:17 (437 Min.)
Casetype: Digipak, Slip Cover
Format: NTSC, 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: November 02, 2004
Collection type: Owned (#1725)
Status: Available
Purchase date: June 01, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 10 / 10
Review (video): 10 / 10
Greetings, Looneytics! For all who rightly place Looney Tunes alongside Mom, apple pie and web-surfing at work as American institutions, this is your time to rise and shine and WATCH. Yes, here on 4 discs you'll find 60 more of the finest, funniest BESTEST golden Era cartoons from the feverishly bent artistic minds at Termite Terrace. Disc 1 showcases a certain wascally wabbit. The happiness of pursuit is center stage in Disc 2 and 3's respective batches of Road Runner and Sylvester/Tweety fun. Disc 4 is an all-star cavalcade of Hollywood parodies and more. All 60 'toons are restored, remastered, uncut. And each disc is chock-a-block with bonus goodies. It's a 24-carrot gem of a collection. Anything less would be DETHPICABLE.

DISC ONE: Bugs Bunny Masterpieces
1. The Big Snooze
2. Broomstick Bunny
3. Bugs Bunny Rides Again
4. Bunny Hugged
5. French Rarebit
6. Gorilla My Dreams
7. The Hare-Brained Hypnotist
8. Hare Conditioned
9. The Heckling Hare
10. Little Red Riding Rabbit
11. Tortoise Beats Hare
12. Rabbit Transit
13. Slick Hare
14. Baby Buggy Bunny
15. Hyde and Hare

DISC TWO: Road Runner and Friends
1. Beep Beep
2. Going! Going! Gosh!
3. Zipping Along
4. Stop! Look! and Hasten!
5. Read, Set, Zoom,
6. Guided Muscle
7. Gee Whiz-z-z
8. There They Go-Go-Go
9. Scrambled Aches
10. Zoom and Bored
11. Whoa, Be-Gone!
12. Cheese Chasers
13. The Dover Boys
14. Mouse Wreckers
15. A Bear for Punishment

DISC THREE: Tweety & Sylvester and Friends
1. Bad Ol' Putty Tat
2. All Abir-r-r-d
3. Room and Bird
4. Tweet Tweet Tweety
5. Gift Wrapped
6. Ain't she Tweet
7. A Bird In a Guilty Cage
8. Snow Business
9. Tweetie Pie
10. Kitty Kornered
11. Baby Bottleneck
12. Old Glory
13. The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
14. Duck Soup to Nuts
15. Porky in Wackyland

DISC FOUR: Looney Tunes All Stars: On Stage and Screen
1. Back Alley Oproar
2. Book Revue
3. A Corny Concerto
4. Have You Got Any Castles?
5. Hollywood Steps Out
6. I Love to Singa
7. Katnip Kollege
8. The Hep Cat
9. The Three Little Bops
10. One Froggy Evening
11. Rhapsody Rabbit
12. Show Biz Bugs
13. Stage Door Cartoon
14. What's Opera Doc
15. You Ought To Be in Pictures
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Looney Tunes: Golden Collection 2
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection 2
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Media Companies:
 • Warner Home Video
 • Warner Bros. Entertainment
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital Mono
French  Dolby Digital Mono
Spanish  Dolby Digital Mono
Commentary  Dolby Digital Mono
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Music Only  Dolby Digital Mono
Other  Dolby Digital Mono
# Description A B DS DL A DL B
1Bugs Bunny Masterpieces
2Road Runner and Friends
3Tweety & Sylvester and Friends
4Looney Tunes All Stars: On Stage and Screen
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Chuck Jones....Director
Friz Freleng....Director
Mel Blanc....Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck (voice)
Jim Backus....Additional Voices (voice)
Bea Benaderet....Additional Voices (voice)
Julie Bennett....Additional voices (voice)
Billy Bletcher....Additional voices (voice)
Arthur Q. Bryan....Elmer Fudd (voice)
Daws Butler....Various Characters (voice)
June Foray....Granny, Witch Hazel (voice)
Stan Freberg....Various Characters (voice)
Ben Frommer....Additional voices (voice)
Joan Gerber....Additional voices (voice)
Paul Julian....Road Runner (voice)
Hal Smith....Additional voices (voice)
B.J. Ward....Additional voices (voice)