Chicken Run
Special Edition
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Production year: 2000
Directors: Peter Lord, Nick Park
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 667068-645323
Running time: 1:24 (84 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: November 21, 2000
Collection type: Owned (#401)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 03, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 10 / 10
Review (video): 9 / 10
Unlike anything ever seen on the big screen, CHICKEN RUN is the year's most original comedy hailed by critics and audiences alike as "magical entertainment for all ages!" (Roger Ebert, Roger Ebert & The Movies)

While the chickens on evil Mrs. Tweedy's farm dream of a better life, a clever hen named Ginger is hatching plans to fly the coop – for good! The only problem is, chickens can't fly...or can they? Every escape attempt goes fowl until Rocky, a smooth-talking All-American rooster, crash-lands into the coop. It's hardly poultry in motion when Rocky attempts to teach Ginger and her fine feathered friends to fly... but, with teamwork, determination and a little bit o' cluck, the fearless flock pilots one last daring attempt in a spectacular bid for freedom!

Featuring unforgettable characters, incredible animation, and all-star voice talent, this instant classic from the Academy Award®-winning† creators of Wallace & Gromit is eggs-traordinary fun for the whole family!

† The Wrong Trousers, 1994 Best Short Animated Film; A Close Shave, 1996 Best Short Animated Film
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Chicken Run
Chicken Run
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 • Aardman
Media Companies:
 • DreamWorks Home Entertainment
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital 5.1
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Commentary  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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Easter Eggs
There are 12 hidden eggs on the Chicken Run DVD (there's even a section on the special features menu that gives you a hint on how to find them). Each egg contains a factoid about the making of the movie. The eggs appear as "cracked eggs" and are completely hidden until highlighted. Once highlighted they appear green or orange.

1. Above Main Menu in Subtitles 2. Below 2.0 in Audio 3. Above Main Menu in Special Features 4. Pg.5 in Production Notes 5. Between Scenes 17-18 in Scene Selection 6. Next to TVSpot in Trailers/Spots 7-10. Mel Gibson, Jane Horrocks, Tony Haygarth, Meldon Stuarton, all under Cast Bios 11+12. Loyd Price and Dave Riddett in Crew Bios.

The beauty part is you only have to find one egg to get all 12 factoids. Here's how: Once you click the egg a new menu will appear with the factoid and a "back" link. Click the "back" link and you're taken back to the menu you originated from. Simply click on the same egg again and now you're taken back to the same menu only with a different factoid. Do this enough times and you'll cycle through all 12 facts.
Peter Lord....Director
Nick Park....Director
Peter Lord....Original Material By
Nick Park....Original Material By
Karey Kirkpatrick....Screenwriter
Jake Eberts....Executive Producer
Jeffrey Katzenberg....Executive Producer
Michael Rose....Executive Producer
Peter Lord....Producer
David Sproxton....Producer
Nick Park....Producer
Dave Alex Riddett....Director of Photography
Tristan Oliver....Director of Photography
Frank Passingham....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Mark Solomon....Film Editor
John Powell....Composer
Harry Gregson-Williams....Composer
Adrian Rhodes....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
James Mather....Supervising Sound Editor
Graham Headicar....Supervising Sound Editor
Phil Lewis....Production Designer
Sally Taylor....Costume Designer
Tim Farrington....Art Director
The Computer Film Company
Paddy Eason....Visual Effects
Phil Daniels....Fetcher (voice)
Lynn Ferguson....Mac (voice)
Mel Gibson....Rocky (voice)
Tony Haygarth....Mr. Tweedy (voice)
Jane Horrocks....Babs (voice)
Miranda Richardson....Mrs. Tweedy (voice)
Julia Sawalha....Ginger (voice)
Timothy Spall....Nick (voice)
Imelda Staunton....Bunty (voice)
Benjamin Whitrow....Fowler (voice)
John Sharian....Circus Man (voice)
Additional Chickens
Jo Allen.... (voice)
Lisa Kay.... (voice)
Laura Strachan.... (voice)