TV Guide Spotlight: Made-For-TV Disasters
Production year: 1996
Directors: Bruce Pittman, Michael Salomon, Noel Nosseck, Tony Mitchell
Rating: NR(Television)
UPC [Locale]: 683904-536716
Running time: 9:00 (540 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Single-Layered
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Purchase date: February 05, 2015
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Flood - A River's Rampage 1998 / 92 Mins.
Richard Thomas, Kate Vernon
The people of Belfield, a small farming town in Missouri, struggle to stand their ground against the uncontrolled fury of a raging Mississippi River in this gripping story of courage and survival. The rains send a violent flood crest rushing toward the town and immediate evacuation seems to be the community's only hope. But when the courageous residents choose to stay and fight the rampaging river, they quickly find themselves waging a life-or-death struggle against the rapidly rising waters. It is up to one man who must make the ultimate sacrifice in a desperate, last-ditch effort to survive one of nature's most awesome and overwhelming forces.

Aftershock: Earthquake In New York 1999 / 168 Mins.
Tom Skerritt, Sharon Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Cicely Tyson
Without warning the ground rumbles, skyscrapers topple, landmarks are swallowed by the earth, subways are buried in the rubble and families and loved ones are torn apart as a massive earthquake shakes the East Coast. As turmoil reigns in the screaming streets of New York, Mayor Bruce Lincoln (Emmy® winner Charles S. Dutton, Without A Trace) and former Fire Chief Thomas Ahearn (Emmy® winner Tom Skerritt, Picket Fences) must set aside their differences and race against time to save their city. This is an incredible story of human drama and resilience in the face of overwhelming disaster.

Tornado! 1996 / 86 Mins.
Bruce Campbell, Shannon Sturges, Ernie Hudson
Jake Thome (Bruce Campbell) is a storm chaser with an invention to track and predict future storms. Six years into the project, Sam Callen (Shannon Sturges) is sent from the National Accounting Office to shut down the project. When she meets with Thorne a funnel cloud is spotted in a nearby town and the team, along with Sam, are on the chase. When the tornado takes a sudden change in course, they witness its brutal power as it destroys a small community. Helping the survivors, Sam begins to understand the importance of Dr. Branson's work and now must convince her office of the importance of Thorne's invention.

Flood 2006 / 194 Mins.
Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig, Tom Hardy
A storm of epic proportions will hit the Thames Barrier, the largest fixed tidal defense in the world. Authorities are skeptical but then the unthinkable happens: the Barrier is overwhelmed by an immense and terrifying surge. Water flows into London at a terrifying rate and volume, causing panic in the Underground as the torrent cascades through the tunnels. The devastation continues as the city's landmarks - Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben are all submerged. Eight million Londoners are about to become heroes or victims as they struggle to survive the biggest disaster Britain's capital has ever faced.
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TV Guide Spotlight: Made-For-TV Disasters
TV Guide Spotlight: Made-For-TV Disasters
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 • Pacific Motion Pictures
 • Power
Media Companies:
 • Sonar Entertainment
 • Mill Creek Entertainment
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital
 • Note: Aspect ratio for FLOOD is 1.78:1 (widescreen)
 Flood - A River's Rampage
Bruce Pittman....Director
Edward Hume....Story By
Susan Murdoch....Producer
Michael Storey....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Stephen Lawrence....Film Editor
Irwin Fisch....Composer
Rolf Harvey....Production Designer
 Aftershock: Earthquake In New York
Michael Salomon....Director
Chuck Scarborough....Story By
Matthew O'Connor....Executive Producer
Robert Halmi, Jr.....Executive Producer
David V. Picker....Executive Producer
T. Michael O'Connor....Producer
Jon Joffin....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Christopher Rouse....Film Editor
Irwin Fisch....Composer
Lawrence Miller....Production Designer
Noel Nosseck....Director
John Logan....Writer
Randy Sutter....Producer
Stacy Mandelberg....Producer
Artie Mandelberg....Producer
Frank Von Zerneck....Executive Producer
Robert Sertner....Executive Producer
Film Editing
Robert Florey....Film Editor
David Codron....Film Editor
Tony Mitchell....Director
Justin Bodle....Writer
Matthew Cope....Writer
Ewa Radwanska....Executive Producer
Justin Bodle....Producer
Peter McAleese....Producer
Michael Prupas....Producer
Philip Key....Producer
Genevieve Hofmeyr....Producer
Pierre Jodoin....Director of Photography
Film Editing
Simon Webb....Film Editor
Debbie Wiseman....Composer
Kate Carin....Costume Designer
Jonathan Lee....Production Designer
 Flood - A River's Rampage
Richard Thomas
Kate Vernon
 Aftershock: Earthquake In New York
Tom Skerritt....Fire Chief Thomas Ahearn
Charles S. Dutton....Mayor Bruce Lincoln
Sharon Lawrence
Jennifer Garner
Cicely Tyson
Bruce E. Camburn....Jake Thorne
Shannon Sturges....Sam Callen
Ernie Hudson
Robert Carlyle
Jessalyn Gilsig
Tom Hardy