National Treasure
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 2004
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 786936-242928
Running time: 2:11 (131 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: May 03, 2005
Collection type: Owned (#473)
Status: Available
Purchase date: May 04, 2005
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 9 / 10
Review (video): 9 / 10
From Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Jon Turtletaub, director of Phenomenon, comes National Treasure. It's the thrilling, edge-of-your-seat adventure starring Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage* as Benjamin Franklin Gates. Ever since he was a boy, Gates has been obsessed with finding the legendary Knights Templar Treasure, the greatest fortune known to man. As Gates tries to find and decipher ancient riddles that will lead him to it, he's dogged by a ruthless enemy (Sean Bean, The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) who wants the riches for himself. Now in a race against time, Gates must steal one of America's most sacred and guarded documents – the Declaration of Independence – or let it, and a key clue to the mystery, fall into dangerous hands. Heart-pounding chases, close calls and the FBI turn Gates' quest into a high-stakes crime caper and the most exciting treasure hunt you've ever experienced.

* Best Actor, Leaving Las Vegas, 1995
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National Treasure
National Treasure
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Production Studios:
 • Walt Disney Pictures
 • Jerry Bruckheimer Films
 • Junction Entertainment
Media Companies:
 • Buena Vista Home Entertainment
 • Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital 5.1
French  Dolby Digital 5.1
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Easter Eggs
Extra Extended Features:
After you have watched all of the extended features in the Bonus Treasure Hunt menu you will have received four sets of letters. These letters allow access to extra extended features. To access the extra extended features...

1) Go to the Bonus Treasure Hunt menu
2) Highlight "National Treasure On Location"
3) Press the Right arrow key, this will highlight the free mason symbol below the pyramid.
4) Press enter to open the code entry screen.
5) Enter [TR] [EA] [SU] [RE]
6) Highlight the Submit button and press enter.
7) Now you have access to more "Bonus Treasure Hunt" features.

For Quick Access to the Extra Extended Features:
--This does not require you to watch all of the extended features in the Bonus Treasure Hunt area.
1) Go to the main menu
2) Highlight "Set up"
3) Press the up arrow key, this will highlight the little log book on the top of the screen.
4) Enter the numbers 3 9 7
5) Highlight the "Submit Secret Key" button and press enter for quicker access to the Extra Extended Features.

Trivia Track View Mode:
This will basically display a trivia track along with the movie while it is playing.

1) Use the previous instructions to access the Extra Extended Features Area.
2) Highlight "Treasure Hunters Revealed"
3) Press the Up arrow, which will highlight a trinity symbol on the top of the screen.
4) Enter the code 0 4 2 1, which you receive after playing through "Riley Poole's Decode This!" feature.
5) Highlight the Submit button and press enter.
6) The new screen allows you to turn the trivia track on as well as gives you the Master Code to access ALL of the extended features from the log book on the main menu.

Access ALL Extended Features from Log Book:
1) Go to the main menu
2) Highlight "Set up"
3) Press the up arrow key, this will highlight the little log book on the top of the screen.
4) Enter the numbers 4 0 5
5) Highlight "Submit Master Code" and press enter
6) Now you have access to all of the features previously described in a single page.
-Submitted by LordIcarus 2005-05-08
Jon Turteltaub....Director
Jim Kouf....Screenwriter
Cormac Wibberley....Screenwriter
Marianne Wibberley....Screenwriter
Jim Kouf....Story By
Oren Aviv....Story By
Charles Segars....Story By
Jerry Bruckheimer....Producer
Jon Turteltaub....Producer
Mike Stenson....Executive Producer
Chad Oman....Executive Producer
Christina Steinberg....Executive Producer
Barry Waldman....Executive Producer
Oren Aviv....Executive Producer
Charles Segars....Executive Producer
Caleb Deschanel....Director of Photography
Film Editing
William Goldenberg....Film Editor
Trevor Rabin....Composer
William B. Kaplan....Production Sound Mixer
Kevin O'Connell....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Greg P. Russell....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
George Watters II....Supervising Sound Editor
Norris Spencer....Production Designer
Judianna Makovsky....Costume Designer
Nathan McGuinness....Visual Effects
Marc Varisco....Visual Effects
Geoff Hubbard....Art Director
Larry Hubbs....Art Director
Kris Evans....Make-up Artist
Allen Weisinger....Make-up Artist
Dan Moore....Costume Designer
David Fletcher....Visual Effects
Nicolas Cage....Ben Gates
Diane Kruger....Abigail Chase
Justin Bartha....Riley Poole
Sean Bean....Ian Howe
Jon Voight....Patrick Gates
Harvey Keitel....Sadusky
Christopher Plummer....John Adams Gates
David Dayan Fisher....Shaw
Stewart Finlay-McLennan....Powell
Oleg Taktarov....Shippen
Stephen Pope....Phil
Annie Parisse....Agent Dawes
Mark Pellegrino....Agent Johnson
Armando Riesco....Agent Hendricks
Erik King....Agent Colfax
Don McManus....Dr. Stan Herbert
Ron Canada....Guard Woodruff
Hunter Gomez....Young Ben Gates
Deborah Yates....Rebecca
Arabella Field....Abigail's Secretary
Sharon Wilkins....Butcher Lady
Alexandra Balahoutis....Clothing Store Clerk
Dior Raye....Gift Store Clerk
Yves Michel-Beneche....Museum Kid
Jason Earles....Thomas Gates
Terrence Currier....Charles Carroll
Rod McLachlan....Independence Hall Guide
Elizabeth Greenberg....Liberty Bell Guide
Jody Halse....Franklin Institute Guard
Liam Noble....Franklin Institute Security
Joshua Biton....Technician
Mike Russo....Popcorn Vendor
Fern D. Baguidy, Jr.....Gala Guard
Thomas Q. Morris....Janitor
Antony Alda....Guard Ferguson
John Travis....Guard Mike
Nick Benson....Boy (uncredited)
Gavin Black....Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Jackson Bolt....Colonial Scout (uncredited)
Brooke Bonder....Shopper (uncredited)
Louis Centanni....Student (uncredited)
Chrismandu....Street Vendor (uncredited)
Kym Cohen....Shopper (uncredited)
Blaze Kelly Coyle....Tourist (uncredited)
Colleen Dengel....School Girl (uncredited)
Suzanne Dengel....School Girl (uncredited)
Sharif El-Mahdi....Precision Driver (uncredited)
Roland Gomez....Guest at Security Gate (uncredited)
Cleve Gray....DC Metro Police Officer (uncredited)
Rodney J. Hobbs....Coachman (uncredited)
Yoshi Jenkins....FBI Agent (uncredited)
Leslie A. Kronberger....Shopper in Reading Terminal (uncredited)
Tony Luke, Jr.....Strip Club Sweeper (uncredited)
Christina Mahon....City Hall Tourist (uncredited)
Chris McMullin....Reading Terminal Patron (uncredited)
Jonathon Ruckman....Angry Man on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Tony Sagastizado I....Tourist (uncredited)
Sheila Thomas....Guest at National Archives (uncredited)