George Of The Jungle
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 1967
Directors: Gerard Baldwin, Frank Braxton, Pete Burness, Paul Harvey, Jim Hiltz, Bill Hurtz, Lew Keller, John Walker
Rating: NR(Television)
UPC [Locale]: 796019-804554
Running time: 6:14 (374 Min.)
Casetype: Clamshell
Format: NTSC, 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: February 12, 2008
Collection type: Owned (#2753)
Status: Available
Purchase date: February 12, 2008
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 0 / 10
Review (video): 0 / 10
Join George and his jungle family on 17 vine-swinging adventures from the 1960s TV classic, George of the Jungle. This 2-disc collection features the complete original series and, as always, a whole lot of jungle fun!


1. George of the Jungle: The Malady Linger On / Tom Slick: Monster Rally / Super Chicken: One of Our Statues Is Missing
2. George of the Jungle: Ungawa the Gorilla God / Tom Slick: Snow What? / Super Chicken: The Oyster
3. George of the Jungle: Oo-Oo Birds of a Feather / Tom Slick: Send In a Sub / Super Chicken: Wild Ralph Hiccup
4. George of the Jungle: Monkey Business / Tom Slick: I've Been Railroaded / Super Chicken: The Elephant Spreader
5. George of the Jungle: The Desperate Showers / Tom Slick: The Cupp Cup Race / Super Chicken: Rotten Hood
6. George of the Jungle: Little Scissor / Tom Slick: The Great Balloon Race / Super Chicken: The Easter Bunny
7. George of the Jungle: Next Time, Take The Train / Super Chicken: The Geezer / Tom Slick: Dranko The Dragster
8. George of the Jungle: The Trouble I've Seed / Super Chicken: The Noodle / Tom Slick: Overstocked
9. George of the Jungle: Big Flop At The Big Top / Super Chicken: Salvador Rag Dolly / Tom Slick: The Sneaky Sheik
10. George of the Jungle: Rescue is My Business / Super Chicken: Merlin Brando / Tom Slick: The Apple-Less Indian 500
11. George of the Jungle: Dr. Schpritzer, I Presume? / Super Chicken: The Fat Man / Tom Slick: The Double Cross Country Race
12. George of the Jungle: The Chi Chi Dog / Super Chicken: Briggs Bad-Wolf / Tom Slick: The Cheap Skateboard Derby
13. George of the Jungle: The Treasure of Sarah Madre / Super Chicken: The Laundry Man / Tom Slick: The Irish Cheapstakes
14. George of the Jungle: A Man of All Hunting Seasons / Super Chicken: The Muscle / Tom Slick: The Badyear Blimp
15. George of the Jungle: The Forest's Prime Evil / Super Chicken: Dr. Gizmo / Tom Slick: The Swamp Buggy Race
16. George of the Jungle: Kings Back to Back / Super Chicken: The Wild Hair / Tom Slick: The Mack Buster Trophy
17. George of the Jungle: The Sultan's Pearl / Super Chicken: The Zipper / Tom Slick: The Bigg Race
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George Of The Jungle
George Of The Jungle
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Production Studios:
 • Jay Ward Productions
 • Worldvision Enterprises
 • Classic Media
Audio format
English  Dolby Digital Mono
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1Episodes 1-9
2Episodes 10-17
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Gerard Baldwin....Director
Frank Braxton....Director
Pete Burness....Director
Paul Harvey....Director
Jim Hiltz....Director
Bill Hurtz....Director
Lew Keller....Director
John Walker....Director
Ponsonby Britt....Executive Producer
Jay Ward....Executive Producer
Bill Scott....Executive Producer
Film Editing
Skip Craig....Film Editor
Roger Donley....Film Editor
Stan Worth....Composer
Sheldon Allman....Composer
Bill Scott....George (voice)
June Foray....Ursula (voice)
Paul Frees....Ape (voice)
Bill Scott....Tom Slick (voice)
June Foray....Marigold (voice)
Bill Scott....Gertie Growler (voice)
Paul Frees....Baron Otto Matic (voice)
Daws Butler....Clutcher (voice)
Bill Scott....Super Chicken (voice)
Paul Frees....Fred (voice)