Done the Impossible: The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity
Country of Origin: United States
Production year: 2006
Directors: Jeremy Neish, Brian Wiser, Jared Nelson, Tony Hadlock, Jason Heppler
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 822732-036221
Running time: 1:20 (80 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: July 22, 2006
Collection type: Owned (#2507)
Status: Available
Purchase date: June 13, 2007
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 9 / 10
Review (video): 8 / 10
Firefly and Serenity have grown beyond the genius of Joss Whedon. The words Firefly and Browncoat have come to symbolize a sense of community, family, and believing that the impossible can be accomplished. These concepts are at the very heart of Firefly and of its fans.

In this documentary, fans of the TV show and movie share what inspired them to become passionate about Firefly, to help save Firefly, attend shindigs, participate in message boards, donate to charities, and become Serenity fans. They talk about the many ways that Firefly has affected their lives. The cast and crew also share humorous and insightful experiences.
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Done the Impossible: The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity
Done the Impossible: The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity
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Easter Eggs
Egg #1: Get a 10 out of 10 on the Hard level of the Firefly Quiz and you will unlock a Public Service Announcement about composting that Jewel Staite performed as a child actor.

Egg #2: Go to the DVD Credits section and press up from the Bonus Menu button. Select the NES Game Controller icon that appears. Once the larger image of the NES Controller appears, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. Doing so will unlock a video of outtakes and additional material that is almost 10 minutes long.

Egg #3: While watching the documentary, at around the 20:18 mark you will see a little icon of the Thor comic book hero pop up in the lower right hand corner. Click on it and you will unlock a video that is over 6 minutes long in which Nathan Fillion helps a fan (nicknamed "Thor") propose to his girlfriend.

Egg #4: While on the Bonus Features menu, click to the right of the Main Menu button and you will unlock a trailer for the documentary.
Jeremy Neish....Director
Brian Wiser....Director
Jared Nelson....Director
Tony Hadlock....Director
Jason Heppler....Director
Jeremy Neish....Producer
Brian Wiser....Producer
Jared Nelson....Producer
Tony Hadlock....Producer
Jason Heppler....Producer
Adam Baldwin....Host